Exhibition for blind and visually impaired

Approximately 500 000 visually impaired and 150 000 blind persons are living in Germany. For these persons, a highly specialized market niche was established in the field “Aids for the blind and the visually impaired”.

Unfortunately, many sighted persons cannot imagine how blind and visually impaired people are able to work at a PC and how they can be integrated into the work environment – despite the engaged educational work of many associations and organizations.

One reason is that visual impairment is not part of the own experience of sighted persons. This fact is even more dramatic since many visually impaired persons loose their eye-sight at high age and need help and information by their sighted fellow creatures at this point.

SightCity Frankfurt provides detailed information on the different aspects of this topic and the variety of aids. The exhibitors show “classic aids” such as mobility aids, high-tech aids, electronic aids, aids for daily life as well as online banking for blind and visually impaired and touristic offers with special care for blind and visually impaired guests.

SightCity Frankfurt, usually held at Kap Europa Frankuft am Main, is an annual exhibition for aids for the blind and the visually impaired.

We invite you to come to the biggest exhibition in the field of aids for the blind and the visually impaired in Germany. Due to the ongoing Corona measures, the SightCity will take place as a purely digital trade fair.