Achromatopsie Selbsthilfegruppe e. V.


  • complete color blindness
  • low vision (<= 10%)
  • extreme light sensitivity
  • Nystagmus


  • supports affected persons and relatives
  • enables exchange of experience
  • informs about aids and promotion
  • gives tips for everyday life
  • is in dialogue with doctors and opticians
  • observes research and science
  • is non-profit.
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Achromatopsie Selbsthilfegruppe e. V. 
Hans-Werner Merkelbach 
Graf-Recke-Str. 160 
D-40237 Düsseldorf 

Tel. + 49 211 26 17 72 95


Category: Aids to daily living

Achromatopsie SHG - colorADD Logo

colorADD® helps color-blind people to find their way in a color-coded world. The symbols may be used to mark many things so that color-blind people will be able to recognize or name the colors. Here you will finde examples of use:

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Photo of an exhibition stand of the association at an exhibition

Contact during the fair
If you have any questions about the visual impairment achromatopsia or about our self-help group, please contact us during SightCity. Check our WEBsite to see if the booth is currently occupied. Or arrange a visit.

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Tabular representation of achromatopsia symptoms

Symptomes and handicap
In addition to total color blindness, extreme sensitivity to light and visual impairment (visual <= 0.1) are the handicaps of people with achromatopsia. Because of the strong sensitivity to glare, the congenital visual impairment is also called dayblindness. Achromatopsia is a very rare disease.

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Achromatopsia - Life Without Color; Movie title; gray image of an eye, the title is in the eye

Our film
The film “ACHROMATOPSIE – LIFE WITHOUT COLORS” informs about the very rare visual impairment. Affected people report on problems and possibilities in everyday life. A doctor talks about diagnosis and support.
Call the movie on YOUTUBE at:

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Schematic representation of the eye structure and how the therapy begins

CNGA3 Gene Therapy Study
At the Centre for Ophthalmology, University Hospital Tübingen, gene therapy in achromatopsia is investigated. After a phase 1 trial has proven safety and efficacy in adults, now children will also be treated. Further information:

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