Stress, irregular eating-, sleeping-, and working hours bring the natural rhythms in a state of disorder. Therefore, sleep disturbances, fatigue and metabolic disorder occur.
I help my clients to improve their lifestyle in favour of their individual biorhythm. I offer coaching, lectures and workshops in the area of nutrition, sleep and chronobiology.

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BEB-Schweppe Besser leben mit dem eigenen Biorhythmus
Eidelstedter Weg 21
D-20255 Hamburg

Tel. +49 40 94 99 67 47


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This is the book cover of “Intuitive Eating- How We Rediscover Our Evolutionary Ingenuity”

Intuitive Eating
My book offers a unique opportunity to learn about intuitive eating in an inclusive way. This book is available in black-print and as an e-book in store. Moreover, it is available in Braille and in the Daisy-format in the BIT-Centre. The descriptions of the exercises and the imagery are chosen, especially for blind people.

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Gut Feel Basics
When your metabolism gets out of balance, this can cause heavy problems. This coaching teaches a nutrition that is entirely based on your body’s needs. Therefore there is no need to count your calories or ingredients. This is your start into a lighter and delightful life.

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Introduction to Intuitive Eating
This accessible online course introduces intuitive eating in 10 lessons. The base for the start into an easier lifestyle with relaxed eating-habits is provided by the combination of the lessons and basic knowledge about a nutrition that finally meets your needs.

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The Sandman basics
Waking up fully relaxed, falling asleep tiredly into a calming night – this does not have to be an unrealistic dream. This coaching leads to a well-functioning daily structure that always ends in a good night. The implementation of natural strategies and a comprehensive knowledge on sleep, turn the night into your friend and handy helper.

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Lecture – The Eye Eats Too
This lecture offers a new perspective on nutrition. It presents how nutrients have a positive impact on your eyes and sight and how nutrients can prevent or lead to a milder course of several eye diseases. Furthermore, the lecture emphasises that a balanced nutrition makes fun and is a real treat.

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