Fam.Kolleß have shaped the way of Kolless blind watches since the beginning. Special watches were built, repaired and shipped all over the world. Pia Fuchs built up the webshop and in 2018 handed over the trade to the jewelry workshop Brit Kolleß in Dresden. In the webshop you have a large selection of quality watches from all over the world.

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Inhaberin: Brit Kolless
Gertrud-Caspari-Str. 5
D-01109 Dresden

Tel. +49 172 45 28 996


Category: Aids to daily living

Lacerta tactile watch for the blind

I am very excited to introduce a completely redesigned tactile watch!
The opening of the watch glass on the “Four” and the elegant hinge opposite on the “TEN” are quite unusual. Here the function is the decorative element, in line with the Bauhaus concept.

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colored pocket watch with a beautiful engraving on the surface

Pocket watches are well hidden when you have an I-Watch on your wrist and you want to discreetly feel the time. Pocket watches are finally available again, in well-tried Swiss quality with quartz movement, beautiful optics and with a noble, fine-looking pattern on the case.

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TUCANA tactile wristwatch for the blind

The Swedish specialists at VITECH have been developing speaking aids of the highest quality for 20 years.
With this tactile watch, the raised points on the digits are wonderful to feel because the dial is not embedded and there is no annoying edge.

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Category: Leisure, hobbies, travel

so-called ball watch with white leather strap and rose gold face

EONE Elements rosegold
With the Bradley watch the time can be felt in a new way with the fingers.
Two movable balls sit pretty firmly and cannot fall out. They can be moved easily with your fingers, as soon as you let go of them, they slide back into their position, the current time.

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Wooden table clock with curved brass handle at the top of the case with gold-coloured patterned brass dial

This table clock is produced in the Black Forest, and the cases are also made in our own carpentry workshop. For your time query we have a radio hammer mechanism that can be programmed either to Bim-Bam-Schlag or Westminster Schlag.
The movement also offers the option of lowering the volume of the beat at night.

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Robust table alarm clock with large display and front speaker outputs

There is a radio alarm clock here, where each key press is guided by a very clear voice output. If desired, the automatic hourly time announcement can be set or the date and time can be requested as required. The volume can be selected between 2 levels
This talking alarm clock has a clear display, large adjustment buttons and good stability.

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Category: Navigation, orientation, guiding systems

tactile watch with gold-coloured case and black dial - also a black leather strap

MARS black
Here sportiness is combined with elegance.The case, the number lines (easily palpable) and the hands are polished gold with matt accents. The dial is elegant matt black and the leather strap is made of textured black leather. The overall impression of the shape of the case is sporty and the quality is unbeatable.Highly recommended, even for Woman.

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tactile watch with sky blue dial and leather strap

MARS blue
A great watch! An eye-catcher on tanned skin and the quality is unbeatable – Made in Switzerland. The blue dial contrasts wonderfully with the silver-colored case. Outstanding is the nubby, soft leather strap, structured and robust. Highly recommended, even for sporty women. Ø 35 mm

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tactile watch with white dial and black leather strap

MARS white
Here the strict, classic variant of the MARS series, suitable for everyday use – Made in Switzerland.
Black, structured leather strap in a robust design, the dial white with easily palpable points and lines in silver color. Highly recommended, even for sporty women. Ø 35 mm

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