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The best DAISY player on earth. Portable, great to operate und simply incredible sympathetic. Now with direct WiFi download from libraries.

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Bones AG 
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Category: Aids to daily living

Milestone 112 Ace Color with 5 colourful front keys on a white background. The casing is dark blue, the buttons have the following colours: the record button is red, the left arrow is orange, the play button is green, the right arrow is yellow, the mode button is light blue.

Milestone 112 Ace Color
Especially designed for people with cognitive disabilities and/or people who still have some eyesight left, we now offer the M112 Ace with colorful keys.

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Category: Books – Braille/tactile/Daisy

A Milestone 312 Ace WiFi on a white background. The device is shown directly from the front. The Milestone has a black casing with 5 silver front keys. On the right side there is the writing: "M312 Ace", on the top right there is a tactile marking to identify the device as WiFi enabled.

Milestone 312 Ace WiFi
The new Milestone 312 Ace WiFi combines the talents of the Milestone 312 Ace with the ability to connect to Bluetooth and WiFi. Now you can connect Bluetooth speakers, listen to webradio, or ask for the weather forecast. Another update is the access to libraries over the internet, allowing you to download books directly.

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