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The non-profit social and inclusion enterprise discovering hands qualifies blind and severely visually impaired women with a highly sensitive sense of touch for the unrivalled medical assistant profession of Medical Tactile Examiner. The MTUs, who are subsequently hired on an unlimited basis, work in cooperating gynaecological practices throughout Germany and sustainably improve the early detection of breast cancer.

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MTU in conversation with patient and doctor

Training and occupation MTE
The theoretical and practical qualification prepares for MTU work. The trainees learn how to perform the scientifically recognised methodology of tactile breast examination, knowledge about the breast, diseases, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. They complete the three-month internship in a practice or clinic close to their home.

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MTU and patient during anamnesis interview

MTE qualification for rehab-eligible women
The 6-months full-time training can be attended at the bbs Nuremberg or the discovering hands Academy Berlin (in collaboration with SFZ), followed by a 3 months internship. Suitability assessments take place regularly, training courses start from July. Further info through MTE trainer Birte Hauser:

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MTU applying the documentation and orientation strips (DOKOS)

MTE training course with scholarship
Training Scholarships available! The 7-months theoretical training for scholarship holders consists of 50% web-based training and 50 % classroom teaching held at the discovering hands Academy Berlin, followed by a 3 months internship. Suitability assessments take place regularly, next course starts June 1st 2021. Further info:

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