EYET4U has acted as sales representative and carried an identicalcatalog as the firm Gaudio-Braille since 2016, and done so with increasing success. We offer a wide spectrum of products and services for people with sight loss; in the workplace, school, and home; as well as providing a broad service in the audio section.

The picture shows the EYET4U company logo, a horizontal blue oval, with the company name in black print in white in the middle. To the left of it in Braille EYE and to the right T4U so that the logo appears symmetrical.


Am Ginsterberg 44
D-50169 Kerpen

Tel. +49 2237 603 488 8
Fax +49 2237 603 488 7


Category: Braille displays, tactile graphic displays

The picture shows the 80s board display in anthracite with reading and function keys and cursor routing.

Gaudio 80
The Gaudio 80 is a full-sized but slimline braille display, which fits easily into any office space. Outstanding legibility due to its soft rounded font, a convenient key layout, and a generally pleasant texture, make for comfortable work.

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The picture shows the Gaudio Book with 40 Braille display, QUERZ keyboard, Braille function keys in white with black carrying case.

The Gaudio-Book is a Windows 10 Notebook with built-in 40-cell braille display, long battery life, your choice of screenreaders, as well as hdmi, usb, and audio ports. Work with all the advantages of an open Windows computer, braille display included, in a single housing. No assembly required.

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The picture shows the Gaudio-Voice with 16 Braille display, Braille input in white with black carrying case.

The Gaudio-Voice is a Windows 10-based note-taker with currently 16 or 24 braille cells, speech synthesizer and braille input. WLAN, Bluetooth, microSD, usb and audio ports included. Text processing, web, mail, calculator, and file administration guarantee reliability.

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Category: Electronic magnifying vision aids

The picture shows the camera with reading table and connected monitor and cable remote control in front of it.

Magnilink Pro
The Magnilink Pro is a full-hd-camera reading system for use at the office. It offers highest quality; plenty of settings, text recognition, HDMI and usb ports. Easy switch between close and distance view. Its tall design will accommodate bulky reading material.

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The picture shows the camera in operation with the laptop connected.

Magnilink Student Pro
The Magnilink Student is a foldable full-hd-camera reading system for use on the road. Of highest quality, it offers plenty of settings, text recognition, HDMI, and USB ports. Easy switching between close and distance view. Its extreme light weight makes it ideal for school children.

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The picture shows the camera reading system consisting of a camera unit with reading table and operating panel and the commercially available screen standing on it.

The Merlin is a sturdy camera reading system for use at home. Easy to use, with plenty of settings for your individual needs, and high-quality results, this camera will be a reliable every-day companion.
Screen size variable.

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Category: Reading systems, speech output

The picture shows the closed Gaudio reader with five push buttons on the front, the size of a standard scanner.

The Gaudio-Leser is a simple and functional text reader. Open top, insert page, close top, and turn on. The reading begins! Column detection, bank statement mode a choice of voices, as well as variable speed and volume make for the highest user-friendliness.

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The picture shows the OrCam on a pair of glasses lying on a cloth from the right front so that the camera covering the right temple and the two lenses are visible.

The OrCam is a portable and very versatile device. It can be used to read texts, as well as to recognize faces, objects, bank notes, barcodes, and obstacles. Attached to spectacles, of your choice, it is a pleasant and efficient companion, easy to use and always there when you need it.

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The picture shows the screen reader in operation with a very large monitor, on the underside of which the control panel is mounted centrally. Underneath is the movable reading table.

The Vocatex is a comfortable combination of camera reading system and text to speech system. Offering high quality in both camera and display, broad choice of designs, and multiple voices, as well as variable speed and volume, this compact reading machine is a pleasure to use.

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