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Help Tech has been a manufacturer of electronic aids for blind and visually impaired people for over 25 years. We develop and produce our Handy Tech braille displays made in Germany. They are appreciated worldwide for their ergonomics and functionality. We have dealers in more than twenty countries.

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Category: Workplace equipment

Different models of the professional workplace braille display Modular Evolution

Workstation for the blind: ideally equipped
At Help Tech you will find the right workstation equipment for the blind. From individual consultation to training and installation.
Handy Tech Braille display, JAWS, Scanner or mobile camera and text recognition software, Braille printer, reading systems, Software adaptations e.g. for telephony switching stations

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ZoomCam mobile camera system with monitor, on which a document is displayed enlarged

Low vision workstation for the visually impaired
Help Tech offers complete workplace equipment for the visually impaired. We advise you individually and in detail from the application to the training.
PC with monitor / notebook / tablet, ZoomText, Screen-reading devices, camera system and electronic magnifiers, reading system, large character keyboard, special lighting

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A book, a glasses and the reading camera OrCam

OrCam: mobile reading and recognition system
OrCam reads texts aloud at lightning speed. The lightweight, unobtrusive, smart mini-camera with integrated speaker attaches to eyeglasses. OrCam MyEye also recognizes faces, barcodes, bills and colors. Easy to use via finger gestures, voice command or by tapping the Touch Bar.

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Category: Braille displays, tactile graphic display

Braille note-taker Actilino lies next to an iPhone on a desk

Actilino: Braille note taker with multi-bluetooth
Actilino is the ultimate braille note taker with 16 ergonomic concave braille cells. Ideal for mobile use at 420g and 30hr battery life. Multi-Bluetooth pairing for iPhone and PC. Actilino with editor, calculator, scheduler, timer, games, MusicBraille and patented ATC technology.

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40 character Braille display Active Braille (2021)

Active Braille 2021 ultimate Braille display
World premiere: Ultimate 40 character Braille display with note taking function, patent ATC reading position and Multi Bluetooth, vibration signals, MP3 Media, rechargeable battery. Ergonomic concave Handy Tech Braille cells.

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Modular Evolution 88 with standard PC keyboard

Modular Evolution the professional Braille display
The ergonomically designed Modular Evolution is the professional Braille display at the workplace, combined with standard keyboard as a fixed unit. 88 or 64 ergonomic concave Handy Tech Braille cells and patented ATC technology. Optionally available with Braille input keyboard and number pad.

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Category: Electronic magnifying vision aids

Showing the Clover 5 electronic hand magnifier on a daily newspaper

Clover 5: electronic magnifier
Clover 5 is the handy electronic magnifier. Clover 5 is often used in the care of health insurance companies. With large clear buttons and 4 to 20x magnification and 200g light weight, Clover 5 is your ideal vision aid on the go.

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Showing the stationary videomagnifier ClearView and the ClearView Go foldable model

ClearView + / ClearView Go: video magnifiers
The ClearView+ is an easy-to-use video magnifier and has all the standard essential features. Conveniently magnify images, text and objects. The mobile solution ClearView Go with additional remote camera convinces with its foldable design – ideal for taking along and storing.

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ZoomCam camera system with notebook

ZoomCam: the mobile camera solution
ZoomCam directly magnifies documents, books on your notebook, tablet or PC without additional software, whether Windows, Mac or Android. ZoomCam has a high-quality finish and impresses with its sharp, stable, high-resolution image (Full HD) with 2 to 100x magnification, 28 color modes and true color

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