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As one of the leading companies for customized braille lines, -cells and graphic displays, we develop, design and assemble High tech for and with sensitive fingers. Thanks to our longtime complex know-how in engineering. We offer our customers space saving high end Braille lines. Each product convinces by fail-safe working and long endurance – and thus by its excellent price-performance ratio.

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metec AG
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Category: Braille displays, tactile graphic displays

Braille block with 6 or 8 Braille-cells and 8 dots

Flat PCB
Braille-line with 6 or 8 Braille-cells with 8 dots, driven by piezzo-actuators (bending type). Drive electronic with active backplane. Flat tactile surface with none or one interaction button. PCB with interation switches and handling is included. Stackable to lines of 6, 8, 14, 16, 20, 33, 24, …32, …40, …80 Braille cells.

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Graphic display with 48 x 39 dots and Windows 10 Mini-PC

The mobile device with 1872 dots displays graphics, tables and Braille and you can edit them with the touch-sensitive surface. The included Windows 10 PC allows you to work autonomously with your familiar applications and screen readers. Use Wi-Fi and hotspots to display information from the Internet.

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Graphic display with 104 x 60 dots and 14 buttons

HyperBraille F
The graphic display with a haptic area of 260x150mm consists of 6240 dots. This allows graphics, tables and Braille to be displayed optimally. The interface is touch sensitive, so inputs can be made as gestures, mouse clicks, etc. 14 hardware buttons are reserved for Braille input and special functions.

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