Everyone has the right to equal service in our society and this also goes for information. Pratsam has over 15 years of experience developing software for the production and online distribution of accessible books and newspapers. For playback of accessible content such as DAISY we offer solutions for computers, tablets, mobile phones, web browsers and smart speakers.

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Category: Books – Braille/tactile/Daisy

Pratsam Producer overview with workflow description

Pratsam Producer
Pratsam Producer is a solution to produce accessible publications such as DAISY or EPUB, with or without speech synthesis. In addition to DTBook XML or WordML input formats Producer also supports web scraping as a method to import content. With a web-based editor, additional content can be added to the automatically produced publications..

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Pratsam Server Overview with Input and Output Channels

Pratsam Server
Pratsam Server is an online platform for the distribution of accessible books and newspapers to the visually impaired and other print disabled. Pratsam Server supports DAISY and DAISY Online. Users, books, and players can be managed via an API or a web interface. The server is cloud based and can scale to 100.000 end users.

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Category: Reading systems, speech output

Pratsam Reader App Mobile Phone Screenshot

Pratsam Reader App
Pratsam Reader App is a DAISY and EPUB player for smartphones and tablets, customized for use by the visually impaired and other print disabled. The app supports navigation in the content, bookmarks management, change of playback speed and streaming and download of publications from DAISY Online-services.

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Pratsam Reader Voice on a table used by a reading disabled person to read a book

Pratsam Reader Voice
Pratsam Reader Voice is a voice assistant service enabling organizations to provide end users with audio content on Google Assistant-enabled devices such as the Nest Mini. The service supports DAISY and DAISY Online, enabling the visually impaired and other print disabled to connect to their library bookshelf using only their voice.

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Pratsam Reader Web overview on computer, tablet and mobile phone

Pratsam Reader Web
Pratsam Reader Web is a DAISY-player for web browsers, customized for use by the visually impaired and other print disabled. The player highlights text during playback and offers functionality to navigate in the content and set bookmarks. The player supports several languages, which is automatically adjusted to the language of the web browser.

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