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Since 50 years, Reinecker Vision develops, manufactures and sells electronic magnifying systems as well as vocal systems and other assistive aids that improves lives in private -, educational and professional environment. All this with currently 130 employees, based in Germany. Our portfolio also includes competent service, consultancy and individual testing.

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Reinecker Vision GmbH
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Category: Braille displays, tactile graphic displays

Brailliant BI 40X with Smartphone

Brailliant X
The innovative Braille display enables simultaneous connection with up to five devices via Bluetooth and one device via USB. Integrated functions such as a calculator, notebook, access to online libraries (e.g. bookshare) and a DAISY player convert Brailliant X into an all-rounder. Available with 20 or 40 Braille elements.

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Mantis Q40

Mantis Q40
Mantis Q40 combines the advantages of a Braille display with 40 Braille elements with those of a QWERTY keyboard and also works as a note-taking device and book reader – even without a mobile phone or PC connection. Thanks to WiFi, Mantis is always up to date and offers access to online libraries such as Bookshare.

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VOXviva pro with a laptop and baking book

Reading systems
Reading systems are suitable as a supplement to a Braille display. VOXviva pro can be used together with a Braille display on a laptop or PC
VOXbox and VOXbox pro are self-contained reading systems that work without additional end devices.
The mobile OrCam can be attached to the temple of the glasses in a small and inconspicuous way.

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Category: Electronic magnifying vision aids

MANO 6 on a map

Electronic magnifiers
Electronic magnifiers from the MANO series combine well thought-out operating concepts with the latest technological developments. MANO 6 convinces with a clearly designed button operation, a FullHD touch display and the integrated handle.
MANO 12 comes with a separate reading/writing stand and is equipped with text recognition and voice output.

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Man looking at a photo with VEO

Stationary video magnifiers
Stationary video magnifiers offer the highest level of user comfort. They come with a freely movable x-y-table, with an individually adjustable monitor at eye level and, thanks to the solid design they offer a secure stand.

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mezzo 20" with a magazine about Ireland

Transportable video magnifiers
mezzo is a compact, collapsible screen reading system which is available with a 20″or 24″ screen. Upgraded with a xy-table, all systems of the mezzo series offer full comfort of a stationary video magnifier.
mezzo EDU with its 16 “monitor and electronic distance camera is the perfect companion in everyday school life.

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Category: Screenreader, magnifying software

Man with headphones sitting at a notebook

The market leader among screen readers is now available also at Reinecker Vision. Jaws is compatible with all common browsers, mail clients and MS Office, has a reading function from background applications and is compatible with all common Braille displays.

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Schoolgirl uses topolino tablet with space camera image and supernova

Camera systems
Camera systems from the topolino series are complement to screen magnification software such as Supernova and enable the simultaneous display of the PC image and that of the topolino camera on an external monitor. From the compact complete system up to the swiveling flex system the topolino series offer solutions for use in educational and professional environment.

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Supernova USB stick in a notebook

The versatile software is available in several variants that can be combined as required. Thus, magnification on screen can be completed with voice output. The screen reader turns Supernova into an all-round talent. The USB variant can be used quickly and easily without installation and administrator rights.

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