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Routago – Safe and accessible pedestrian navigation


Routago GmbH
Pforzheimer Str. 128b
D-76275 Ettlingen

Tel. + 49 7243 200 466 0
Fax +49 7243 200 466 1


Category: Navigation, orientation, guiding systems

On the left, the main screen of the Routago Assist app on the smartphone. The main functions "Where am I?", "Navigation", "Surroundings", "My routes", and "Object recognition" are arranged on five tiles. To the right of the app screen is the text "Routago Assist safe navigation".

Routago Assist – Pedestrian Navigation
Routago Assist is the digital assistant for safe pedestrian navigation and focuses on how humans participates in traffic. Routago Assist offers extensive features to support your mobility, such as recording your own routes, environment information and object recognition.

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On a dark map background, the Routago logo is on the left. This is a letter R composed of navigation paths. To the right is the lettering "Routago Smart Navigation". Below that a row of pictograms: People with long canes, with walking sticks, runners, wheelchair users, children, cyclists, buses and trolleys.

Routago Services – Navigation Services
Enhance your products and services with accessible, safe pedestrian navigation.

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