SENSEE publishes braille books with letters, pictures and tactile graphics that both the sighted and the visually impaired can enjoy together. With its cutting edge technology, SENSEE converts to braille very quickly in perfect accuracy and publishes high quality braille books at affordable prices, and also provides braille learning kit, coloring book, etc.

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33, Temi-ro 44beonan-gil, Jung-gu

Tel. +82 42 716 03 08
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Category: Books – Braille/tactile/Daisy

Picture SENSEE Braillebook

Braille book
Braille printed with letters. Books for everyone – Both people with vision and the visually impaired can enjoy together. With its cutting-edge technology, SENSEE converts to Braille very quickly and with perfect accuracy and publishes high-quality Braille books at affordable prices.

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Picture SENSEE Braille learning kit

Braille learning kit
Braille learning tool for beginners to learn the alphabet and numbers. You can learn Braille by moving magnets. Braille, the main language for the visually impaired, is now easy to learn.

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Picture SENSEE colouring book

Coloring book
Feel the pictures, enjoy drawing. Learn the shapes of objects and animals by touching them. Expand your imagination and feel the joy of drawing. Visually impaired children can feel the embossed picture borders and draw pictures.

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