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Tec-Innovation GmbH was founded by Kevin Pajestka with the mission of ensuring a safer everyday life for people with disabilities. Markus Raffer, Co-Founder, with his visual rest of less than 4%, is an essential building block in the development. The first aid approved as a medical device is the InnoMake – the high-tech shoe for obstacle detection for more mobility.

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Tec-Innovation GmbH
In der Au 5
A-2123 Hautzendorf

Tel. +43 1 226 44 66


Category: Aids to daily living

blue shoe with the attachments in the front

The InnoMake – intelligent shoes for obstacle detection
Do you want to experience a world first & have both hands free at work or at home? Then the InnoMake is for you. The sensors attached to the shoe warn of obstacles from 4m. This warning is given, among other things, via a vibrationsignal directly in the shoe. You can also use the InnoMake in traffic with a cane and/or guide dog.

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left: blue Waldvierter shoe, right: black Hartjes shoe

The InnoMake with Waldviertler and Hartjes shoes
In our assortment you will find Waldviertler and Hartjes shoes. The metal tracks for the InnoMake is assembled by hand. We offer a wide range of models, sizes and colours – you can choose freely. You can try on the shoes in a shoe shop and order them from us.

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brown shoe with InnoMake is on a step

The InnoMake with your own shoes
In addition, you can have the InnoMake conveniently fitted into your favourite shoes by us. Whether boots, low shoes or sandals, everything is possible. The advantage is that you can use the InnoMake for any occasion. Nothing stands in the way of your InnoMake complete system.

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Category: Navigation, orientation, guiding systems

Man wears InnoMake in a shopping street

The InnoMake in everyday life
You can easily operate the InnoMake with the app and/or with a button on the back. You can make various setting and queries: Range, battery charge, light – for better visibility and smart mode to ensure deep integration into everyday life.

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Complete system in the packaging with the attachments, charging cable and spacer buffer

Free InnoMake test kit
Vienna is not around the corner from you? No problem! You can test the InnoMake from the comfort of your own home. Discover the innovation in your familiar surroundings. We will send you a free test kit, all we need is your shoe size and delivery address. Shipping all over EU.

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Accessible InnoMake App with smartphone, text: InnoMake App as a remote control, available in the Appstore

The InnoMake app
The app “InnoMake” to control the attachments, you can download for iOS (Apple) for free in the app store. The app has a user-friendly interface and is also read aloud by VoiceOver and is barrier-free. The app makes the distance to the obstacles audible.

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