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Babbage // ACCES4U

Babbage is a Dutch company that adapts professional environments for people that are visually and motor impaired people. Babbage uses many solutions of: ACCESS4U.
ACCESS4U is the international company that has developed many technical solutions for visually impaired people.

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Babbage // ACCES4U
Bovendonk 27
NL-4707 ZH Roosendaal

Phone +31 165 536 156


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Ultimate Screen Access (USA)

Categories: Software for the blind, Tools for the workplace and training
Ultimate Screen Access offers similar functionality compared to existing screen reading software with magnification capabilities. The performance, load on the computer and the response speed are many times greater than those of comparable software.


Logo of Unicorn dynamic virtual channel software

UNICORN Dynamic Virtual Channel

Categories: Software for the blind
The UnicornDVC Plugin library is used for communication by your client software (e.g. Remote Desktop, VMware Horizon or Citrix Receiver).
This toolkit is used by many large corperate companies to combine screenreaders with cloud solutions.

Access your braille display, speech and magnification from the cloud

Babbage and Access4U logo

Babbage // ACCESS4U business consultancy

Categories: Tools for the workplace and training, Tools for the workplace and training
Our company has a broad experience with application of impairment software in big cooperate businesses. Cloud solutions and high security demands. We can make use of this experience to help with market development in your country.

Projects of Babbage/ACCESS4U

Speech to Keyboard picture

Speech to Keyboard

Categories: Tools for the workplace and training, Associations, institutions, organizations, clubs
With this device, spoken text can be converted to the PC.
Works with all devices with a USB keyboard input, regardless of which operating system is used.

Speech to USB Keyboard

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