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Our mission is to reduce barriers blind people face in education, on the job, in mobility and participation. The Tactonom Reader is an assistive learning technology that enables blind and severely visually impaired people to learn independently and benefit from the same learning materials as sighted people. Thereby, new learning opportunities are created.

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Inventivio GmbH
Karolinenstr. 13
D-90402 Nürnberg

Tel. +49 911 25 30 590


The Tactonom Reader enables blind people to access the graphic world with all its information diversity. By combining the sense of touch with speech explanations, even complex content becomes comprehensible. At the same time, the Tactonom Reader promotes learning in a playful way and deepens knowledge. It also trains graphic-spatial thinking skills and increases memory through the combination of the senses of touch and hearing. The Tactonom Reader is very easy to use. Register now for the free webinar.

Tactonom Reader

Category: Braille displays, notetakers and graphic displays
World first for the blind community!
Completely new access to graphical information through innovative combination of tactile graphics, camera-based finger recognition, voice output combined with the largest online grafic database for free download.

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