Overflow Biz, Inc.

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Overflow Biz, Inc.

Overflow offers simple yet innovative and practical solution for visually impaired.
Our paperless braille system, Versa Slate is portable and erasable. This affordable and clever device is always ready to braille.


Overflow Biz, Inc.

Suite No. 801
20 Seongsuil-ro 12-gil, Seondong-gu
KOR-Seoul 04793

Tel.: +82 2 465 34 50
Fax: +82 2 465 34 52

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Categories: CCTV reading systems (mobile), CCTV reading systems (stationary), Software for the visually impaired

Flowy is magnifier and screen-reader all-in-one software for your PC and mobile phone that converts normal devices into powerful Ai magnifier and Screen-reader. No fancy gadgets required.

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Versa Slate

Categories: Braille displays, notetakers and graphic displays, Tools for the workplace and training, Education and training

Versa Slate is a paperless & erasable mechanically operated braille system. No electrical components. This indigenous device allows easy correction for any typos. Versa Slate is portable and very durable ensuring the usability at any time. Crisp dots are easy to

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