Samsara Vision

Samsara Vision, Inc. is a privately held medical technology company engaged in the research, development, manufacture and marketing of implantable ophth. technologies that are intended to significantly improve the quality of vision and quality of life in untreatable retinal diseases.

Logo Samsara Vision


Medevise Strasbourg
16 avenue de l’Europe
Building SXB1- Régus
F-67300 Schiltigheim

Phone +49 160 90 32 08 37


Here you have SING IMT by Samsara Vision. On the center it has a mini telescope with 2 lenses inside that amplifies approximatively 3 times the images in the back of the eye.


Category: Optical magnifying vision aids
SING IMT™ is implanted in one eye and magnifies the images you see and projects them onto the healthy, undamaged part of your eye. This reduces the “blind spot,” allowing you to see images that were previous unrecognizable.

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