TactileView Software


19.05.2022, at 11:30 a.m.



Presentation language: English

VA-Code: 2044

Presentation information:

Zweigeteiltes Bild. Links: Screenshot der TactileView-Software mit einer Karte der Niederlande. Rechts: Fertiger Braille-Ausdruck dieser Karte mit einem Finger, der sie erkundet.Compose some simple geometric shapes and print them in a tactile way? Convert a mathematic formula into a complicated graph and make it tactilely readable? “Translate” photos and other graphics from the world of the sighted into tactile graphics? All this and much more is possible with the TactileView software.

Speakers: Thinkable staff member

Presentation type: Product presentation

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Meeting-ID: 917 5093 7130
Kenncode: 851018

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