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Altix was founded in 1989, and our company's slogan is "To see more." For more than 30 years we have been engaged in modern rehabilitation of people with special needs and have been leaders in the implementation of accessibility in Poland.

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246C Modlinska Street
03-152 Warsaw
PL-03-152 Warsaw

The talking globe

The talking globe

The talking sphere is covered with a convex layer with a colored underprint and attached to the base with control panel, loudspeaker and headphone socket. It has 122 sensors whose touch opens the speech synthesis and information.

Chess game

The talking chess

Talking chess is a variant of this game that enables blind and visually impaired people to play thanks to the special tactile properties of the chessboard and the pieces as well as the sound.

Typhlographic plates

Typhlographic plates

Typhographic signs contain information such as hotel room number, office opening hours, telephone number, etc. The signs can be produced using various materials (plastic, metal) and technologies (printing, overprinting, embossing, engraving, milling).

The typhlographic plan

The typhlographic plan

We create typhlographic plans for the blind and visually impaired. We use various materials and techniques for this purpose, i.e. sub-printing, transparent printing, etc. Thanks to the selection of appropriate colours, our plans have adequate contras

An open book with a picture of a blind person at a sewing machine on one side and text in black and Braille on the other side

Printing house publications

We print Braille books, school books, textbooks and magazines. We can make a single copy or thousands of copies for retailers, public institutions or wholesalers.

YourWay logo

YourWay logo

The YourWay system is a program that, among other things, allows people with special needs to move easily in public facilities in the city and is also a database and search engine for available places.


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