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blista is an inclusive education and rehabilitation centre: with a grammar school for blind, visually impaired and seeing pupils, boarding schools and Montessori offers up to Class 10. We open paths into the profession as well as training. In addition, there is a listening library, Brailldruckerei, advice on acces 10. Wir eröffnen vielfältige Wege in den Beruf, Ausbildungen und Umschulungen. Hinzukommen Hörbücherei, Brailldruckerei, Beratung ...

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Deutsche Blindenstudienanstalt e.V. (blista),
blistaCampus, Am Schlag 2 - 12
35037 Marburg

Phone: +49 6421 606-0
Fax: +49 6421 606-259


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2 Students are working together in front of a computer

Education and training

Kaufmann/-frau für …
1) Digitalisierungsmanagement
2) Büromanagement und
3) E-Commerce

Fachinformatiker*in für
4) Daten- und Prozessanalyse
5) Anwendungsentwicklung
6) Systeminteg.

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For administrations, municipalities and companies, we offer comprehensive services around accessibility and Braille. Media for inclusive lessons can be found in our new online shop!

Joung woman at her working place

Job & Carreer

With PROJob, blista provides in Marburg and Frankfurt/Main an offer for jobseekers.
PROJob combines self-determination with highly qualified specific support.

A blind boy with cane, headphones and ball

Media and Literature

blista is one of the largest producers of media for people with blindness and visual impairment in the German-speaking world. The German Blind Library (DBB) borrows more than 50,000 media free of charge for listening and reading.

Pupils experiment in the classroom

Schools and education

Secondary school and vocational education at the Carl-Strehl-Schule, further training as well as seminars and workshops … – get to know the educational offers of the blistaCampus!


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