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Accessibility for sight loss and print impairment. Our software supports users with all levels of sight loss, computer experience or reading ability. For more information, visit our website,

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Dolphin Computer Access Ltd, Technology House, Blackpole Estate West.
WR3 8TJ Worcester
Great Britain

Phone: +44 1905754577
Fax: +44 1905754559


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GuideConnect Logo

GuideConnect – simple computing

The simplest way to stay independent, connected and entertained. Send & receive emails; Manage your own calendar; Write letters & listen to your post read aloud; Stay informed online; Make & receive video calls; Listen to audio books or newspapers.

Logo SuperNova Enterprise

SuperNova Enterprise – for Citrix, VMWare & RDS

SuperNova Enterprise is specially designed for use in professional IT structures: Citrix, VMWare & Remote Desktop. This professional magnification software makes it possible to fulfill all different needs with one product

SuperNova throttling software logo

SuperNova Magnifier

Fully configurable, professional magnifier. Includes smooth magnification up to 64x
Colour, contrast and brightness settings
Highlighted mouse pointer
Choice of views: Full screen, screen split, lens, camera input, multi-monitor
Touch support

SuperNova choke with language logo

SuperNova magnification software with speech

All the features of SuperNova Magnifier, plus
high-quality speech
to read all text, including menus, web pages, emails and documents. Add a camera to scan & read text from print. Touch support for tablet users.

SuperNova throttling software with screen reader

SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader

Clear magnification and an intelligent screen reader in one simple, supported solution. Create the perfect blend of magnifier, speech or screen reader to suit your specific sight requirements or meet the needs of multiple users.


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