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IPD GmbH has been a provider of aids for the visually impaired since 1995. As a trading company, we work together with renowned international companies. This enables us to provide you with manufacturer-independent advice and supply you with the optimum aid for your visual impairment.

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IPD Infosystem Production and Distribution GmbH,
Würzburger Str. 8 A
30880 Laatzen

Phone: +49 511 9363090
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The Clearreader is an easy-to-use reading device in the format of a portable radio. It is operated via a few, clearly labeled buttons and is therefore ideal for older people who want to continue to have access to printed information.

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BrailleSense 6

The BrailleSense6 note-taking device is based on Android 10 and is available with 20 or 32 Braille modules. It provides all the necessary apps for effective mobile working, such as text editing, e-mail, Internet and much more.

Device image Envision glasses

Envision Glasses

The Envision Glasses are an artificial intelligence-based camera in a pair of glasses. They can read texts to themselves, describe scenes and have a sighted person help them with a video call in a critical situation.

Device image Focus Braille display

Focus Braille displays

The Focus Braille displays with robust metal housing, USB-C connection and note function are available with 80, 40 or 14 modules and are therefore ideal for any application where Braille output is required.

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JAWS Screenreader

JAWS is the world’s leading screen reader when it comes to using PCs under Windows. Whether it’s about your workplace or domestic equipment, with more than 25 years of experience we can provide you with professional advice on all questions relating to JAWS.

OrCam MyEye

Orcam MyEye

The Orcam MyEye is a small camera that is attached to a conventional spectacle frame, with which you can have printed texts read out, the time announced, objects, banknotes or stored persons recognized.


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