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KOBA Vision is an innovative producer of video magnifiers and reading machines for the visually impaired and blind. We produce world's first patented read-aloud video magnifier Vocatex with state-of-the-art speech, Full HD cameras and large displays. Our products are specially built for the visually impaired and blind people.

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KOBA Vision,
De Oude Hoeven 6

Phone: +32 11 51 70 80
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EasyReader reading device


The EasyReader is a blind-proof reading machine which reads texts quickly and accurately. The device is simple and very easy to use, without any problems with incidence of light, page positioning or quality of paper.

Quartz 27 screen reader

Quartz- EasyViewer

The KOBA Vision Quartz and EasyViewer are Full HD video magnifiers. The device is available in 4 different screen sizes (22”, 27”, 32”, 43”) with an easy or advanced control panel.

Reading magnifier Vocatex Plus 32

Vocatex Plus

The Vocatex Plus is an intelligent Full HD video magnifier with speech that magnifies texts and photographs with razor-sharp clarity and vivid colours. The Vocatex has a fast built-in readout function and is available with screens from 22” to 43”.

Reading magnifier Vocatex Standard 27

Vocatex Standard

The Vocatex Standard is an intelligent full HD video magnifier with voice output that enlarges texts and photos with clarity and vivid colors.
Vocatex has a fast integrated reading function and is suitable for screens from 22″ to 43″.

ZoomCam mobile camera solution


ZoomCam is a professional transportable video magnifier which can be used anywhere in combination with a computer, screen or tablet. ZoomCam sets up quickly, is compact and easy to use. The sharp Full HD image provides an optimal reading experience.

Mobile camera solution with speech ZoomCam Speech

ZoomCam Speech

ZoomCam Speech is a compact professional transportable video magnifier with speech which can be used anywhere in combination with a computer, screen or tablet. No additional software has to be installed for viewing the image or for reading aloud.


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