Orbit Research LLC

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Orbit Research logo showing a globe with a moon in orbit. The globe forms the "O" in "Orbit" and the moon forms the point in the "i" in Orbit. The orbit is shown as an inclined ellipse

Information about the company

Orbit Research develops and manufactures braille, tactile and educational products for blind people. Our products include the Orbit Reader and Orbit Slate multi-line braille displays, the Graphiti Tactile Graphics Displays, the Orion Talking Calculators and the Optima Braille Laptop Computer.

Contact us

3422 Old Capitol Trail
19808 Wilmington

Phone: +1-888-606-7248
Fax: –

Top view of Orbit Slate 340 and 520 with Perkins-style keyboard and 3 or 5 lines of Braille cells

Orbit Slate

Groundbreaking multi-line refreshable displays with note-taking, book reading and productivity features. Allows users to seamlessly and intuitively view spatially arranged text and information such as math problems, Braille music and tables.

Top view of the Optima laptop with visible QWERTY keyboard and 40-cell Braille display


Windows Braille Laptop offers a combination of high-performance computing with full configurability. It includes Braille, voice output, QWERTY keyboard and the latest processors. Slim design and configurable ports

Top view of handheld magnifiers with HD screen. Three models are shown: 3.5 inch, 4.3 inch and 5 inch. In the color black

Orbit Magna Handheld Digital Magnifiers

A family of lightweight portable electronic magnifiers with HD screens, a magnification range of 2x-32x and up to 16 high-contrast color modes. They have folding booths and handles and are available in 3.5-inch, 4.3-inch and 5-inch models

Top view of the Graphiti and Graphiti Plus tactile graphic displays with the Orbit Research logo

Graphiti Interactive Tactile Graphic Displays

Revolutionary interactive tactile graphic displays that combine updatable multi-level pins and a touch interface with a Braille display. Enables blind and visually impaired people to create all types of dynamic graphic content

Top view of Orbit Speak with a Perkins-style Braille keyboard. The device is black

Orbit Speak

A compact, modern Braille note-taking device with voice output. It has a Braille keyboard and offers note-taking and productivity applications, including a book reader, file editor, calendar, address book, calculator

Top view of Orbit Reader 20, Orbit Reader 20 Plus, Orbit Reader 40 and the new QWERTY products Q40 and Q20

Orbit Reader Braille display family

Versatile and affordable devices with 20 and 40 Braille cells for taking notes, reading books and connecting functions such as cursor control buttons, clock, alarm clock, calendar and calculator for use at school, at work and in everyday life


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