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since 2001 we're offering IT-related products and services specifically for blind and visually impaired.

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ProTak GmbH,
Königstrasse 73
90402 Nürnberg

Phone: +49 911/66484870
Fax: +49 911/66484871

Focus 514, Focus 540 and Focus 580 Braille displays

Focus Blue 5th generation

Braille displays from Freedom Scientific are available for every area of application. Whether you are at home, at work or on the move, you will find products for comfortable
Input and output.

BrailleSense 6

BrailleSense 6

BrailleSense 6 – A versatile note-taking device for school, office and home

BrailleSense 6 Mini

BrailleSense 6 Mini

BrailleSense 6 Mini – A versatile note-taking device for school, office and home

Jaws logo

JAWS Screenreader

Software for converting Windows screen content into speech and Braille.

ProTak IT training courses

Overview of the ProTak training program

ZoomText software


powerful, easy-to-use screen magnifier, available as a magnifier/reader with speech output if required, or combined with JAWS as ZoomText Fusion.


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