Rehan Medizingeräte Handels GmbH

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Rehan Medizingeräte Handels GmbH

Information about the company

Van Lent Systems was started in 1986 by René van Lent in the Netherlands. "Rehan Medizingeräte" was created in 1994. After further expansions, we have developed into an international family company. Our products are manufactured in Europe at Rehan Electronics (Green Factory).

Contact us

Im Teelbruch 104
45219 Essen

Phone: +49 2054-1245 799
Fax: +49 2054-1245 798

stationary reading device called I-Reader 2

I-Reader 2

– Column/table recognition
– simple operation (tactile knobs & buttons)
– break/play, skip words, lines or paragraphs
– Adjustable reading speed
– integrated loudspeaker
– automatic voice recognition
– VGA/HDMI connection

stationary screen reader called I-See HD

I-See HD

Full-color device with HD camera, autofocus, true/false colors, reading line/reading mask, height-adjustable monitor

combined CCTV with OCR called Acuity Speech

Acuity Speech

Combined screen reader/reader, HD camera, 22-inch full HD touch screen, touch operation, 1-65x magnification, text reading, language/voice selection, document memory, adjustable volume/reading speed

stationary CCTV Acuity Basic called I-See Touch

Acuity Basic

Full HD camera with 22” Full HD screen, touchpad technology in the display, easy-to-reach on/off switch, continuously height-adjustable monitor, magnification 1-65x, A4 page width fully visible with 1x magnification

Electronic handheld magnifier called Looky 4, with 4.3 inch display

Looky 4

Full-color device with 4.3″ touch display, HD camera, true/false colors, freeze mode, fold-out handle, case, usermanual, cleaning cloth, charger + adapter

Electronic handheld magnifier called Looky 5, with 5 inch display

Looky 5

Full-color device with 5″ touch display, HD camera, true/false colors, freeze mode, fold-out handle, bag, usermanual, cleaning cloth, charger + adapter, HDMI connection enables connection to the monitor, NEW: 20 images can be saved!


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