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SIGHTCARE is a company with industry leading high-tech, specializing in development, production, sales and service of vision aid products.

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Room 1103, Building 1, Zhejiang Overseas High-Level Talents Innovation Park, WenYi West Road 998, Yuhang District, Hangzhou, China
311100 Hangzhou

Phone: +86 15355008395
Fax: +86 057185290717


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Device image Clover10


The first 10’’ inch handheld video magnifier on the market, with the large screen but very compact size. Unique design of joystick and focus control button is very useful.

Device image Clover3


Recognized as an entry-level product and the most ideal for people on the go. You can carry it to everywhere and read whatever you want at anytime.

Device image Clover5


Lightweight handheld video magnifiers that you can conveniently put in your jacket or purse wherever you go. Ease of use and outstanding ergonomics make the device popular among users.

Device image Clover6


Equipped with the 1080P FHD tocuh screen, all operations are supported by the high contrast tactile buttons and hand gesture.

Device image Clover7


With an anti-glare screen, the device provides the best image and an ultimate reading comfort for users.

Picture of the CloverBook Pro

CloverBook Pro

12.5-inch device which can satisfy all the daily requirements and work across 3 main market segments of home, work and education for the low vision people.


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