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Welcome to Talk Tech, where innovation meets accessibility. Our mission is to empower visually impaired by providing practical talking tools for daily use - such as watches, clocks, thermometers and a digital voice labeler, named PennyTalks. All with high quality sound and a modern design.

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Vitech AB
Ryssviksvagen 2C - nb
13136 Nacka

Phone: +46-(0)705651613
Fax: +46-84488075


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DianaTalks watch, a wristwatch with large numbers in black, with a white dial. The watch has a black leather band.This model is prime large.

DianaTalks – talking watches

A high quality sound, 10 language talking watch. DianaTalks can announce the time and the weekday, both in a Digital and in an analogue version. DianaTalks comes in four different versions.

MyTime, a rectangular pocket watch that is black with a big white button in the middle


MyTime is a high quality sound, 10 language talking clock.

PennyTalks, a black device shaped as a pencil, with a speaker on top and three colorful buttons.


Organize your daily life! PennyTalks is a personal digital voice labeler with speech-supported user instructions.

MyDegrees termometer, a black rectangular device with a clear display that displays the temperature in a digital format. The device has two buttons, one red and one white, that can adjust the settings


Multifunction high quality talking multiple use thermometer with a temperature measuring range between -29°C to 240°C. Measure food temperature, indoor and outdoor temperature – all in the same unit.

MinnieTalks, a small oval shaped pocket watch with a key chain. The pocket watch is made of plastic and is black with one big button in white, and three smaller buttons for adjusting the time. The dev...


MinnieTalks is a talking mini clock. With a clear and high quality sound, this is the optimal clock to bring in your pocket for every day use.

The TalkTech logo, a blue logo with a white background

More products

TalkTech offers a range of different products – click into our website for more information.


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