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Visionaid International is dedicated to producing fast, effective and simple to use software and devices for people who are partially sighted, blind or dyslexic that make reading a pleasure again. Solutions include handheld and transportable video magnifiers, computer connectable magnification with OCR as well ...

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Visionaid International Ltd
Bridge Lodge
Spalding Common
PE11 3AU Spalding
Great Britain

Phone: +44 1775 711 977
Fax: +44 1775 769 043

Helix HD portable video magnifier, which is connected to a screen and enlarges a page of a magazine

Helix HD

Helix HD is an affordable, portable and lightweight HD video magnifier with an easy to use wireless control pad. Its unique dual-camera system offers a complete solution for users requiring full page width magnification of any text or images up to 150x.

ReadEasy Evolve ECO - Logo

ReadEasy Evolve ECO

ReadEasy Evolve ECO is an advanced, portable, standalone reader that can capture A4 (letter) size documents.
Our most cost-effective standalone reader.
The new high-resolution 13 megapixel camera captures documents up to format

ReadEasy Evolve MAX captures a document. Next to the unit is a vase of daffodils.

ReadEasy Evolve MAX

ReadEasy Evolve MAX is the world’s only portable standalone reading machine capable of capturing A3 (tabloid) sized documents, great for reading newspapers, larger books, magazines etc. ReadEasy Evolve MAX uses a new 18MP high resolution camera providing the be…

Readit Software screen image


Magnify, re-format, re-colour, read, annotate, import, convert, bookmark, the ideal low vision / blindness software. Smoothest and fastest digital panning and scrolling of your documents (up to 360 fps) Advanced automatic cropping of your documents Improved OC…

ZEN logo


PC or laptop connected portable camera solution for Readit A new upgraded camera provides the best possible text-to-speech experience for up to A4 sized documents.

ZEN MAX - Logo


PC or laptop connected portable camera solution for Readit. An upgraded camera provides the best possible text-to-speech experience. ZEN MAX is the world’s only A3 / Tabloid size capable system.


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