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Welcome to the Vistac GmbH. Since 1998 we have been developing and distributing blind and low-vision aids all over Germany. Our expert staff assists you with reliable service and support as well as cost recovery and applications to the health insurance. Together with you we will put your technical equipment into ...

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Vistac GmbH,
Warthestr. 21
14513 Teltow

Phone: +49 3328 – 35 37 20
Fax: +49 3328 – 35 37 22

PC workstation for the blind with 80s Braille display, marked keyboard and headphones

Workplace for blind people

At home or in school, at work, in your home-office or for mobile applications, for every blind person there is the suitable aid to keep pace with digitisation. From braille displays to screenreaders, OrCam and reading systems: we provide advice independent from

GuideConnect - simplest PC operation - main menu

Computers and multimedia

Mobile or desktop DAISY and audio players like Milestone and Victor Reader or simplified use of PCs with Dolphin Connect or magnifying/screenreader software: Get access to the multimedia-world, the internet, emails and a lot more.

Fame Plus - Color recognition device

Color identifier FaMe

The FaMe family adds color to your life. With FaMe, FaMe plus or the FaMe Addon for Milestone you always choose the right color combination of your clothes due to easy understandable color announcement – new now: FaMe Plus with audio notes.

Various examples of training courses

Individual assistive technology training

Do you need support working with your PC, Mac or smartphone at work or at home? Your Vistac-Team will train you according to your personal needs and wishes. We gladly advise and accompany you on your way to an efficient use of your technical equipment – even by

Laser long pole user with colored laser fan

Mobility aids

Laser-Longcane with additional protection of the upper body and the feelspace navibelt: With these, you always reach your destination safely. In combination with a smartphone you find your way even in unknown terrain. We also train you in their use.

Visually impaired PC workstation with two large monitors, large font keyboard, Braille display, camera reading system and camera scanner

PC-Workplace for partially sighted employees

We can support you and provide advice concerning magnifying technical aids like camera systems (even mobile, with and without tts), illumination, video magnifiers, displays, hardware (Windows, Mac) or software (e.g. magnifier with or without speech output, scree


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