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Product: BRAILLEX EL40c


Every workplace for the blind has different requirements. We have created the BRAILLEX EL 40c Braille display for flexible, mobile use at the workplace. In combination with a notebook, it is the ideal aid for all blind users. Its 40 high-quality Braille modules with integrated dual routing buttons in combination with our patented navigation bar ensure effortless and error-free working.
Close-up of a laptop with Braille display in front of it

Product highlights

  • 40 high-quality Braille modules with integrated double routing buttons for controlling the cursor and mouse
  • Increased efficiency thanks to freely selectable direct access keys
  • One-handed operation thanks to the patented navigation bar
  • Short training period thanks to modular operating concept
  • Pleasant reading experience and relaxed reading posture
  • Complete Braille display including Braille modules made in Germany

Product images

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