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Product: VISULEX Maki


Our VISULEX Maki high-resolution document reading camera system supports visually impaired users with all the challenges that their visual impairment poses for large print workstations. It is the ideal tool for viewing analog originals individually enlarged on your monitor with pin-sharp, high-contrast and flicker-free images. The VISULEX Maki prevents signs of fatigue thanks to the wide range of adjustment options.
Image of the VISULEX Maki camera system with the image of a Maki on the screen

Product highlights

  • Full HD autofocus camera, 360° swivel
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Optical zoom: 1 to 30x
  • Technical zoom: 1 to 82x
  • Display in true color and var. Color combinations
  • Display of reflective originals thanks to polarizing filter
  • Storable setting sets incl. Crosshairs, lines and curtain view

Product images

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