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Comde-Derenda GmbH has over 20 years of experience in the development and production of canes and rigid or roller tips. Customer feedback and cooperation with organizations and experts, such as mobility trainers, are playing an important role for our production and innovation process. Our white canes and cane tips are manufactured by hand in Germany and Switzerland.

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Comde-Derenda GmbH 
Kieler Straße 9
D-14532 Stahnsdorf

Tel. +49 3329 690 27 10
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Category: White canes

Folded telephone pole TF28 with aluminium rolling tip

Comde White Canes
A white cane should give its owner the best possible tactile impression of the environment, and it must be lightweight, solid and easy to stow.
In addition to two-part telescopic canes, we offer telefolding canes in various lengths.

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Different Comde-Derenda roller and rigid tips on a display

Comde Rigid and Roller Tips
For the use on white canes, we offer a wide range of rigid and roller tips. Each of our tips is compatible with each of our canes. For replacement, the tip can be easily unscrewed and re-screwed manually or with a small wrench provided.

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5 upper segments for two-piece children’s canes in different colors (pink, golden, green, blue and white)

Comde Children’s Canes
A children’s white cane enables an early familiarization for a blind or visually impaired child to walk with a white cane, and it provides some freedom and independence.
All children’s canes are especially lightweight and fit perfectly thanks to individual manufacturing.

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