DVBS – Deutscher Verein der Blinden und Sehbehinderten in Studium und Beruf e.V.

The German Association of Blind and visually impaired students and professionals (DVBS e.V.) is a self-help organization of blind and visually impaired people striving for independent living and professional success, despite their handicap. DVBS operates throughout the Federal Republic of Germany. The accredited non-profit-making organisation is based in Marburg/Lahn.

The DVBS lettering is written in small blue letters. Behind the letters is the horus eye with a blue pupil.


Deutscher Verein der Blinden und Sehbehinderten in Studium und Beruf e.V.
Frauenbergstraße 8
D-35039 Marburg

Tel. +49 6421 948 88 0
Fax +49 6421 948 88 10


Category: Vocational training, training courses

A young woman with long red hair, a blue jacket and jeans is standing between two white bookshelves in a university library and is smiling at the camera. She is holding a white cane. (Photo: DVBS)

Further Education and Seminar Offers by DVBS
We offer workshops and seminars on specific topics to enhance individual skills in the context of life-long learning. Seminars of our professional and special-interest groups on topics related to vocational training and occupation, special aspects of the disability or contents for seniors support our members in acquiring knowledge and competency.

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Category: Associations, institutions, organisations, societies

A man with short dark hair and a black T-shirt is sitting in front of a PC. Next to him is a brown-haired man wearing a brightly patterned shirt and jeans. Both smile. (Photo: DVBS)

DVBS-Consulting Services
We consider our consulting services regarding assistive technology, mentoring, job assistance, accessibility and much more as a way to help people to help themselves. We offer exchanges of experience with similarly affected persons, legal support and knowledgeable contact partners many of whom are visually impaired themselves.

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Image of the title page of the agnes @ work project flyer. The headline “agnes@work” in white letters against a blue background. Among them is the photo of a young woman sitting in front of a reading device whose monitor reproduces the text in a greatly enlarged format. Under the photo in white lettering in front of blue: “Visual impairment at work - developing potentials together”. In the lower area of the image, the project logo is highlighted in blue, yellow and green with the words agnes@ work, with the @ symbol resembling an eye. Next to the logo is the following text: “Agile network for visually impaired professionals”.

DVBS-Project agnes@work
The aim of agnes@work is to enhance the occupational participation of working people with a visual impairment and their professional development by: Advancing accessibility in further education structures, Providing advice and support at the workplace, Offering seminars and e-learning courses, Interconnecting the players involved

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