Papenmeier has been a manufacturer of electronic aids for blind and visually impaired people for more than 45 years. From the beginning, our focus has been on the provision of workplaces for the blind and visually impaired. Thanks to many years of experience, we contribute to the successful inclusion of the blind and visually impaired with our technical aids and the appropriate workplace solutions

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Category: Workplace equipment

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Papenmeier Workplace Design
Due to the increasing mechanization of workplaces, it is almost impossible for the blind and visually impaired to cope with their everyday work without appropriate aids such as magnification software, Braille displays or screen readers. We support you all the way to your optimal workplace.

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Top view of a desk at which a woman works with a Braille display on a PC

Workplaces for the blind
The right aids mean maximum independence for blind people. However, inclusive participation in the labor market often has high technical barriers. We specialize in adapting the workplace technically as well as in the workflow in order to meet the individual needs of the user.

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Workstation for the visually impaired with VISULEX Maki template magnification camera

Visually impaired workplace
There are many types of visual impairment. Regardless of the diagnosis, almost everyone experiences their visual impairment differently. There are many effects on orientation and mobility. The right tool means new perspectives in life and success in everyday life, school, studies and work. We’ll help you with that.

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Category: Braille displays, tactile graphic displays

BRAILLEX EL 40c Braille display in front of a laptop on which hands are typing

Our Braille display BRAILLEX EL 40c is available for flexible, mobile use on the job. In connection with a notebook it is the ideal tool for all blind users. It has 40 high-quality Braille modules with integrated double routing keys for controlling the cursor and mouse as well as the patented navigation bar for one-hand operation.

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Top view of a desk at which a woman works with a Braille display on a PC

The work place equipment for blind persons is of essential importance concerning usability and working efficiency. Our Braille display BRAILLEX EL 80c is particularly designed for this field of application and integrates perfectly in functionality and design in to your existing work place.

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BRAILLEX Live20 with laptop, tablet and smartphone lying on a desk

BRAILLEX Live-Family
Our three BRAILLEX Live models are driven by the technical everyday life of a blind user and offer everyone the optimal aid in connection with the smartphone and / or the notebook. Bluetooth and battery are standard here. They differ in the type of keyboard and in the number of Braille modules.

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Category: Screenreader, magnifying software

Person in front of PC monitor running JAWS

JAWS & JAWS-Modules
The convincing functionality has distinguished JAWS as the world’s leading screen reader for Windows for many years. JAWS makes your PC’s screen information available in both speech and braille. However, if this is not possible on the software side, our JAWS team will also adapt JAWS according to your needs.

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ZoomText & Fusion
Thanks to its tools for enlarging, amplifying and reading out the screen, ZoomText makes your work on the computer much easier – whether in private, school or professional use. In combination with the JAWS ScreenReader, this results in the complete software Fusion, for every use in the visually impaired area.

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Man with glasses in front of two PC screens running SuperNova magnification

SuperNova Enterprise
The SuperNova Enterprise enlargement software is specially designed for use in professional IT structures, e.g. by authorities, companies or in education. It is terminal server capable and Citrix Ready and allows central user administration, licensing and configuration of the software according to your IT guidelines.

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