Since 1996, SynPhon consistently has developed easy-to-use electronic aids for blind and partially sighted people. The proven and popular EinkaufsFuchs (literally shopping fox), the laser-supported product recognition system, or the Fledermaus (literally bat) orientation aid, a world first among mobility aids, are uncomplicated, robust and ready for immediate use. Life is simple – with SynPhon!

The logo of SynPhon GmbH Elektronische Hilfen für Sehgeschädigte (electronic aids for the visually impaired) is a word mark on a stylised, two-part control switch in white-aubergine colour.


SynPhon GmbH
Im Steinig 6
D-76703 Kraichtal

Tel. + 49 7250 92 95 55


Category: Aids to daily living

FaMe color recognition device
A FaMe color recognition device should not be missing: You hold it on the object and trigger the color measurement simply with a button. The FaMe then tells you the exact color, including how strong and how light it is. The three-color sensor from FaMe enables a very fine color resolution and can recognize many thousands of colors.

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Category: Navigation, orientation, guiding systems

The fully automatic bat orientation aid has 2 pairs of sensors that are switched as needed

Bat Orientation Aid (Fledermaus Orientierungshilfe)
The Fledermaus (literally bat) automatically explores spaces. It detects distances to obstacles, either with sound signal and / or vibration and optionally to a reach of 3 or 1.5 meters in a range of 18 degrees. It allows you to protect your head and upper body, considerably expands the reach of the white cane and to maintain the right distance.

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Category: Reading systems, speech output

The ShoppingFox quickly captures the information on the product barcode of a bar of chocolate with a laser.

Shopping Fox (EinkaufsFuchs Produkterkenner)
Sturdy and ready for immediate use, the EinkaufsFuchs (literally Shopping Fox) has been the reliable tool for product identification since 1999. It scans the product codes swiftly, clearly says what it is and knows millions of commercially available products. It also has an internal memory with ample capacity for your own language tags.

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