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Since 2000 ViewPlus has developed many braille printers, hybrid ink/braille printers, touchpads and a Suite of Software solutions developed to be scalable; running on the small portable personal braille printer to the larger production hybrid printers. Our choice in the technology used in our embossers enables us to be the industry-leading manufacturer of high-definition tactile graphics.

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ViewPlus Technologies
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Category: Workplace equipment

Shows ViewPlus TigerBox product

Tiger Box
Tiger Box connects any ViewPlus embosser to your wireless network. It can be configured to either connect to an existing network, or create it’s own, guaranteeing high quality braille printing, no matter where you are. Translate and print documents on the fly from your phone or computer, just connect to the network, click print, and be done.

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Shows ViewPlus Delta printer with embossed example in background

VP Delta
The VP Delta is a double-sided embosser at 120 CPS, that produces standard braille spacing along with the highest-resolution 3D tactile graphics. It offers the strongest, most tactile braille dot available from any desktop braille embosser, but still with a pleasing rounded dot shape. It works with cut sheet paper up to A3 size.

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Shows ViewPlus Elite printer with InkConnect accessory. An embossed and printed example can be seen in the background

VP Elite and InkConnect
The VP Elite was built to withstand the toughest embossing requirements while embossing at 200 characters per second in interpoint Braille mode. With the highest quality components available this embosser is meant for heavy duty printing. HP black ink is combined with Braille and tactile graphics. It provides mainstream interfaces to the PC.

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Category: Vocational training, training courses

Shows AGC user interface in multiple views and function graph and CD packaging

Accessible Graphing Calculator
The Accessible Graphing Calculator (AGC) provides the functionality of handheld scientific calculators commonly used by students. Operating under Windows platforms and augmented with audio and tactile feedback, the AGC provides an alternative for people who cannot effectively use a handheld calculator, or those seeking a more interactive interface.

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Shows IVEO touchpad with a hand pointing to Agentinia. In the background a printout of South America map and iveo label

IVEO hands-in learning system. A tactile print of IVEO content will be placed on a touch resistant pad. While exploring by hand, the reader receives audio feedback upon tapping elements or regions due to their association with audio clips that will play back. IVEO products include powerful content creation software as well as intuitive touch pads.

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Shows ViewPlus SpotDot printer with embossed and printed example in background

VP SpotDot
VP SpotDot is the only embosser in the world to combine Braille and tactile graphics with color ink print. It uses A4 size cut sheet paper. The printer provides versatility and flexibility making documents accessible among people with different visual abilities. The software included adjusts document creation to mainstream processes under Windows.

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Category: Braille printer and typewriter

Shows Tiger Software Suite logo and sample document with image of a plant cell in Word and as a preview of the tactile print.

Tiger Software Suite
Tiger Software Suite is free with every ViewPlus embosser. It provides powerful Braille translation with intuitive controls directly from MS Word and Excel, as well as a translator to use for other programs. Braille tables are constantly kept up to date to international standards. Further, get the best out of tactile graphics with included editor.

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Showing ViewPlus Columbia printer with embossed example in background

VP Columbia
The VP Columbia is a double-sided embosser at 120 CPS, that produces standard braille spacing along with the highest-resolution 3D tactile graphics. It’s the same machine like VP Delta, but using tractor fed continuous paper instead of cut sheets. Columbia enables for example printing of banners in one piece over several pages.

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Shows ViewPlus EmBraille printer in front view and rear view with paper. In the background you can see an embossed and printed example.

VP EmBraille
The VP EmBraille is the most affordable embosser in the world. Compact and highly portable with easy to use tractor fed paper, or single sheet, the VP EmBraille is the perfect choice for the classroom, busy professional, or at home. The EmBraille embosses Braille as well as 3D tactile graphics and works similar to mainstream color printers.

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