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Categories: Braille displays, notetakers and graphic displays

Gaudio-Braille Only! 40-digit Braille display, built-in Windows PC, 2TB SSD, 16GB RAM, notebook keyboard. Safe working with Windows programs and screen readers, USB3/USBC socket, smartphone compatible. HDMI port for sighted monitor.

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Categories: Braille displays, notetakers and graphic displays, Tools for the workplace and training

16/24-digit Braille display with routing keys, speech output, 8-dot Braille keyboard, editor, calendar, e-mail, contact management, WLAN, Blue Tooth, supports USB sticks and micro SD cards, smartphone compatible. Can be used as a PC Braille display.

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Hark Reader

Categories: Reading machines

Put it down, open it up, put the reading material on it and enjoy reading aloud! Whether indoors or outdoors. The rechargeable battery means your reader is ready for use anywhere. Texts can be stored on a USB stick. No PC knowledge required!

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Milestone WIFI

Categories: Aids to daily living for the blind, Tools for the workplace and training

It has moulted! The world’s smallest daisy player now has a book player, clock, recording function, FM radio/calendar (optional), web radio, weather check/forecast and Bluetooth for audio books and audio files.

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Categories: Electronic magnification aids

We carry electronic magnifiers from various manufacturers, as well as hand magnifiers with LED in different magnification levels and supplementary accessories (stand, table lamps, reading desk) from the company Eschenbach. Visit us also in Marburg.

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Categories: Aids to daily living for the blind, Everyday aids for the visually impaired

All everyday aids are tested by our visually impaired employees.
Only what passes this test is included in our range. Whether practical household items, watches, scales, thermometers, magnifying glasses… Take a look!

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