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We have been there for our customers for over 30 years and we still attach great importance to their satisfaction. Our focus is on innovative products, functionality and perfect service to enable users to manage their everyday life independently again.

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steller-technology GmbH & Co. KG
Steinbruchweg 9
D-06198 Salzatal OT Lieskau

Phone +49 345 55 88 00
Fax +49 345 55 88 051


Read the newspaper with the steller SK2 CCTV at the desk

steller SK2

Categories: CCTV reading systems (stationary), Everyday aids for the visually impaired
In addition to its high level of functionality and intuitive handling, the SK2 is also characterized by an elegant design so that it can be harmoniously integrated into the existing facility. This system is literally something for your eyes.

Screen reader SK2

At the workplace, a document is shown enlarged on a 24-inch screen with the steller TK4 camera system

steller TK4

Categories: Tools for the workplace and training, CCTV reading systems (stationary)
Even professionals occasionally need support. With our TK4 you can master any challenge, whether reading, reading out, scanning, editing or further processing of documents.

Desktop camera – TK4 – simply successful at work

The workplace light steller SL1 represents the entire white spectrum (warm white, neutral white, daylight white, cold white)

steller SL1

Categories: Lightning, Tools for the workplace and training
Let there be light! It was said in one of the oldest books in the world. The Sl1 enables you to deliver exactly the lighting you need for your individual needs. Regardless of whether it is direct or indirect, cold, warm, or daylight.

SL1 – The perfect complement for the workplace!

Working with the mobile camera system steller Vision Mix

steller Vision Mix

Categories: Tools for the workplace and training, CCTV reading systems (mobile)
As small as possible and yet as big as necessary is the motto of our Vision Mix. One of the most compact, if not the most compact camera system of its kind, is not only handy, but also very functional.

Vision Mix – Even with your own notebook!

The mobile CCTV steller Vision Pad is used by a student in the classroom

steller Vision Pad

Categories: Tools for the workplace and training, CCTV reading systems (mobile)
No matter whether digital or original. With our Vision Pad, books and workbooks can be read anytime and anywhere. Notes, blackboard pictures or the representation of the surroundings are no problem for our little all-rounder.

Vision Pad – Rock the school!

A schoolboy solves tasks in the classroom with the portable CCTV steller College

steller College

Categories: Tools for the workplace and training, CCTV reading systems (mobile)
In order to enable our little customers to cope with the wild jungle of everyday school life, we have developed our College System. Thanks to the intuitive operation and robust workmanship, the wild turmoil can be mastered safely and easy.

College – in short: Simply master the school day!

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