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Thinkable, founded in 2002 by Jaap Breider. Specialisation: products and services for the visually impaired – especially tactile diagrams. Three of products: TactileView software, TactiPad drawing board and Motorized Drawing Arm.

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Scheprad 9
NL-6852 BT Huissen

Tel. +31 26 36 28 711


Split image. Left: Screenshot of TactileView software with a map of the Netherlands. Right: Produced braille print of that map with a finger exploring it.

TactileView Drawing Software

Categories: Braille displays, notetakers and graphic displays, Software for the blind
The TactileView software creates tactile graphics. Besides the software itself, there is a web catalogue with graphic templates. After designing on the computer, the images can be printed on a braille embosser or swell paper.

More info on website

Bird's eye on a TactiPad. Placed on it: pen on the upper left, ruler diagonally, triangle template on lower left, compasses on lower right and angle/arc template on upper right.

TactiPad Drawing Board

Categories: Braille displays, notetakers and graphic displays
TactiPad is a drawing board which enables a VIP to make or perceive a tactile drawing. By lightly pressing down on the foil while drawing, the lines raise instantly. Ergonomic design and included drawing tools.

More info on website

Perspective on an MDA: A yellow flat surface at the bottom bears a slightly smaller yellow TactiPad. Above both, a black bar is hovering. It emits a drawing onto the TactiPad.

Motorized Drawing Arm (MDA)

Categories: Braille displays, notetakers and graphic displays, Braille printers and typewriters
The MDA is a computer-driven arm. It draws digital tactile graphics on the TactiPad. A combination of digital graphics’ accuracy with hand drawing’s versatility. Digital drawing and tactile perception almost happen instantly.

More info on website

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