Information for exhibitors

In this area exhibitors will find any information they need. You can use the exhibitors’ login to make changes in: order of furniture, product categories for the exhibitors’ catalogue, news of this year, etc.

Cretschmar MesseCargo GmbH

The organisation of SightCity 2018 in Frankfurt/Main authorizes the Cretschmar MesseCargo GmbH as official forwarding agent. The Cretschmar MesseCargo GmbH offers all logistic services at the show venue just as storing exhibition goods, the delivery and pick-up of exhibition goods, storage of empty boxes, customs clearance and providing staff if necessary. For further information see under

Warning against the database “expo guide”

From time to time exhibitors of SightCity are getting an offer of a database called “expo guide”. They offer to list the exhibitor in their “expo guide database”. This database is by no means in connection with SightCity Frankfurt. The company, which is situated in Mexico, has nothing to do with SightCity Frankfurt and SightCity Forum. We explicitly warn you not to accept their offer or to mix them up with this exhibition!