Supporters of SightCity

Over the years, SightCity has always had important support from the worlds of politics and business. 2023, we were able to win the Hessian Minister President Boris Rhein for a welcoming address.


of the Hessian Minister President Boris Rein

Frankfurt, the largest city in Hesse in the center of the Rhine-Main region, is a trade fair location of international standing. The number of events is high and the range of topics is characterized by extraordinary diversity. SightCity, a trade fair for blind and visually impaired people, is part of this series. My warmest regards to all those exhibiting at this fair and to all those who visit it.

SightCity is an example of how important it can be to bundle and present offers and create opportunities for personal exchange. New information can be made known, people interested in the topic can receive or pass on information. The importance of such trade fairs was demonstrated during the pandemic, when many – including SightCity – could not take place. Although the Internet has often created a balance, presence in one place and direct contact remain essential. Many do not want to do without it. I am delighted that SightCity is now taking place as a hybrid event.

SightCity presents topics of fundamental importance for blind and visually impaired people. I wish the trade fair a successful outcome.

Boris Rein
Prime Minister of Hesse

Hesse coat of arms
Portrait picture of Minister President Boris Rhein
Above left VisusVital logo; above right Bayer logo; below an image of a hand filling in a crossword puzzle, shaped like an eye, distorted and darkened, especially in the center, framed with a yellow line, below background dark blue

Bayer has also been supporting SightCity for many years, including in 2023 for the first in-person event after coronavirus.

Bayer is a leading healthcare company and actively supports research and education in the field of eye health. Bayer is particularly involved in the VisusVital project to raise awareness of macular diseases such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD), diabetic macular edema (DME), retinal vein occlusion and myopic choroidal neovascularization (mCNV).

We would like to thank Bayer for its many years of support and valuable commitment.

Here is the company’s foreword to SightCity 2023:


Ralf Zimmermann from Bayer Vital GmbH for the Sight City

Together for a better quality of life!

Whether it is the treatment of an eye disease, the exchange with other people affected or an aid – all of these can have a positive impact on quality of life. And it is precisely this goal that we at Bayer are committed to.

In addition to modern treatment options, we also want to offer our patients support in everyday life. The VisusVital patient service is aimed at people with retinal diseases and offers a range of information about the diseases and everyday life with visual impairments. Read more at

Many informative stands with the latest technologies and interesting presentations await you at SightCity. With the help of the guidance system, you will be able to find your way around the exhibition grounds again this year, which we have again supported financially.

I hope you have an exciting and informative time and that you take away lots of ideas and tips for your everyday life.

Yours, Ralf Zimmermann
Bayer Vital