Partners and founding members of SightCity

SightCity, the largest international trade fair for aids for the blind and visually impaired, was launched in 2003 at the Sheraton Airport Frankfurt. The initiative for this important event came from well-known companies that are committed to supporting people with visual impairments. The founding members include:

  • Frank Audiodata
  • BAUM Retec GmbH
  • Brailletec gGmbH
  • Handy Tech GmbH
  • Metec AG
  • Tieman GmbH

With their expertise and commitment, these companies have laid the foundations for a platform that presents innovations and technological developments in the field of visual aids.

Current partners

SightCity is pleased to work with outstanding companies that specialize in aids for blind and visually impaired people. Our shareholder companies are leaders in their fields and make a significant contribution to improving the quality of life of people with visual impairments.

Logo metec

metec AG

metec supports blind and visually impaired people with its Braille output devices and award-winning tactile graphic displays. Visit metec AG.

Logo HelpTech

Help Tech GmbH

Help Tech produces Braille displays and other aids for a self-determined life for visually impaired people. Visit Help Tech.

Logo brailltec

Blista-Brailletec Gemeinnützige GmbH

Brailletec is a leader in the production of Braille technology and attaches great importance to reliability and user-friendliness. Visit Brailletec.

Optelec logo

Optelec GmbH

As a global developer and manufacturer, Optelec offers innovative solutions for people with vision loss. Visit Optelec.

Logo Papenmeier

F.H. Papenmeier GmbH & Co KG

Papenmeier is a pioneer in the development of aids that enable visually impaired people to be more independent. Visit Papenmeier.

Logo Reinecker Vision

Reinecker Vision GmbH

Reinecker Vision specializes in the development of optical and electronic visual aids. Visit Reinecker Vision.

SightCity owes its success not only to the founding members, but also to the current shareholders, who continuously contribute to making the trade fair a place of progress and hope for people with visual impairments.