Review of lectures from previous years

Since 2019, the presentations at the SightCity Forum have been recorded as audio recordings, offering a wealth of specialist knowledge and insights into topics relating to visual impairments and blindness. These recordings cover a wide range of discussions, from the latest technological advances to practical life tips for sufferers.

It is important to note that audio recordings of the lectures prior to 2019 are not available, as the recordings only started this year. However, the recordings made since then are an invaluable archive for anyone interested, which is not only available on the official website of the SightCity Forum, but can also be accessed via the SightCity YouTube channel. However, there is one exception: in 2020, the SightCity Forum and the entire SightCity had to be canceled due to the global coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, there are no audio recordings or a program for 2020, as the event could not take place.

Making the recordings available on YouTube allows a global audience to access this information and educate themselves, regardless of whether or not they had the opportunity to attend the forums in person. This access underscores SightCity’s commitment to spreading knowledge and supporting the visually impaired community and professionals in the field of assistive devices for the blind and visually impaired.

View over the shoulder of a visitor on the stage of the SightCity Forum 2023 where 4 people are sitting in a discussion

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