Trade fair compass of the BSBH

To make your visit to the trade fair as informative and pleasant as possible, we recommend the trade fair compass of the Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired in Hesse (BSBH).


The trade fair compass is your personal guide through the diversity of SightCity. It offers you detailed information on all exhibitors, products and events. Starting with point 2 in the written edition, as point 1 is exclusively available in the Daisy version, the trade fair compass is available in various formats to meet the different needs of users.

We are proud that SightCity is not only a place of exchange and innovation, but also a platform that emphasizes accessibility. In recent years, SightCity has developed into the largest trade fair for assistive technology for the blind and visually impaired in Europe. The BSBH trade fair compass is a prime example of how we enable our visitors to participate in a self-determined way. SightCity will once again take place as a hybrid event. You can either visit us in person at the Kongresshaus Kap Europa in Frankfurt am Main or participate digitally from anywhere in the world. The trade fair compass will be an indispensable companion in both cases.

We would like to thank the BSBH for the many years of cooperation and their tireless commitment. Together, we have managed to create a trade fair that is not only a showcase for technological advances, but has also become a place of community, support and encounters.

Download the trade fair compass and plan your visit to SightCity – we look forward to welcoming you in person!

The current trade fair compass will be ready in mid-March 2024. Until then, you can find last year’s trade fair compass below and on the BSBH website for inspiration. See you at the fair!