“Smart mobility” symposium

Invitation to submit presentations: Shaping the future of mobility for people with visual impairments

Be a pioneer in the development of groundbreaking solutions for inclusive mobility! This invitation is addressed to experts and innovators who would like to contribute to enriching the international symposium on smart mobility for people with visual impairments with inspiring presentations.

The symposium is organized in partnership with the European Blind Union (EBU).

About the event:

Date: May 16 & 17, 2024
Event framework: SightCity – the world’s largest assistive technology fair for blind and visually impaired people
Location: Kap Europa, Frankfurt a.M.
Duration: 2 days

This conference offers a unique platform to bring together experts, decision-makers and innovators to present and discuss the latest projects, concepts and plans in the field of smart mobility for people with visual impairments. The focus will be on the planning of future projects and the implementation of current projects, as well as the many benefits that these developments offer for the user group.

Your contribution to inclusive mobility:

We are looking for speakers to present projects, concepts and plans specifically designed to improve the mobility of people who are blind or visually impaired. Their expertise is crucial to inform the professional audience about innovative solutions that offer a direct benefit to this group of people.

Desired subject areas:

Your presentations should focus on outstanding smart mobility projects and concepts for people with visual impairments. It is important to us that your focus is on the actual benefits for the user group and that you also highlight the challenges and opportunities of these mobility solutions.

Who are your ideas for?

Your presentations are expected from:

  • Mobility experts of the EBU, its member organizations and their subdivisions
  • Mobility experts from the DBSV
  • People responsible at transport companies and transport associations
  • People responsible for urban development and urban planning
  • Experts from manufacturers of smart mobility solutions in Germany and abroad
  • Engineering firms

Format and distribution of the lectures:

The lecture program is planned bilingually in German and English, with an optional lecture length of 15 or 30 minutes. The presentations will be streamed live via ZOOM. In addition, all presentations will be recorded and made available to the audience afterwards via various platforms, including the YouTube channel of the SightCity trade fair – where the conference is taking place.

How you can participate:

Apply with your sketch for a presentation and actively shape the future of inclusive, smarter mobility for people with visual impairments. Your ideas and experiences are the key to sustainable development in this pioneering field!


Deadline for submission of presentation outlines: 19.01.2024 23:59h

Announcement of the selected contributions: 15.02.2024

Submission of the presentation outlines 15.03.2024

Form for submitting a presentation for “Smart Mobility”

If you would like to submit files, e.g. with drawings or further information, please send them to info@sightcity.net with the subject “Smart mobility, presentation topic, author”.