Symposium "Smart Mobility"

Welcome to the “Smart Mobility” symposium, a key event dedicated to the future of mobility for people with visual impairments. This conference is your chance to be at the forefront of innovation and gain in-depth insights into the latest developments and concepts in the field of smart mobility.

We bring together experts, decision-makers and innovators to plan future projects as well as to discuss current projects. Our focus is on improving mobility for people with visual impairments and discussing the many benefits of these developments.

Participation is possible both on site at Kap Europa and online via streaming. You are cordially invited to be enriched by inspiring presentations and to take part in the discussions. The overview of the presentations will be published soon so that you can get a comprehensive overview of the topics specifically aimed at promoting the mobility of people with blindness or visual impairments.

Use this unique platform to exchange ideas with like-minded people and develop joint solutions that offer direct benefits for the target group. Your participation in the “Smart Mobility” symposium is an important contribution to a more inclusive future of mobility.

We look forward to welcoming you as part of our community and setting the course for smarter mobility together.

We are currently in the phase in which the submitted presentations are carefully reviewed and selected. Our aim is to put together a diverse and informative program that comprehensively covers the current challenges and solutions in the field of smart mobility for people with visual impairments. We understand the importance of and interest in this information and will endeavor to publish the topics of the presentations and other relevant information on our site as soon as possible. So stay tuned and visit our website regularly for the latest updates and to plan your visit to the “Smart Mobility” symposium in the best possible way.

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