Invitation letter for the visa application

A document on a clipboard is passed between two people together with a passport and passport photos

Visitors from certain countries require a visa to attend a trade fair in Germany. Visa procedures may vary depending on the country of origin, and in many cases an official letter of invitation from the trade fair organizer is a required part of the visa application documents. This letter serves to substantiate the purpose of the trip and to underpin the credibility of the application.

As the organizer, we are prepared to issue such an invitation letter on request in order to make it easier for international visitors to participate in our trade fair. It is important to emphasize that the invitation letter merely fulfills a formal requirement and does not represent a financial commitment on the part of the trade fair. The costs for travel, accommodation and all other expenses incurred must be borne by the visitor.

In order to receive an invitation letter, please send us a current copy of the passport of the person applying for the visa. This information is necessary in order to correctly record the personal data in the invitation letter. The letter is written in both German and English to ensure that it is accepted by the visa authorities of the respective country.

It is advisable for visitors to take care of visa matters well in advance, as processing times can vary depending on the consulate and how busy it is. We also recommend that you inform yourself about the specific requirements and the visa application procedure on the website of the Federal Foreign Office or at the relevant German embassy or consulate.

Please note that the invitation letter is no guarantee that a visa will be issued. The decision is at the discretion of the responsible visa office. As the trade fair organizer, we cannot influence the outcome of the visa procedure.

You can send us the request and the documents directly by e-mail to, or fill out the form here. We will process your request as quickly as possible. As a rule, you will receive the document within one working week, but we ask for your patience should there be any delays.

Unfortunately, letters of invitation for 2024 are no longer possible. The form will be reactivated for 2025 after this year’s trade fair.