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SYMPTOMS OF ACHROMATOPSIA ARE: - complete color blindness - low vision (<= 10%) - extreme light sensitivity - Nystagmus THE SELF-HELP, SUPPORT GROUP - supports affected persons and relatives - enables exchange of experience - informs about aids and promotion - gives tips for everyday life

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Achromatopsia self-help group e.V.,
Hans-Werner Merkelbach
Graf-Recke-Str. 160
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Achromatopsia is a very rare eye disease. The image information of the cones on the retina is not transmitted to the brain. Therefore, no colors can be recognized. Vision is severely impaired.

Graphic of a structural eye structure

CNGA3 gene therapy study

Research into gene therapy for achromatopsia is being carried out at the Department of Ophthalmology at the University Hospital in Tübingen. After safety and efficacy were proven in phase 1, children are now being included for the first time in phase 2.

Graphical structure of the Color ADD


colorADD® helps color-blind people to find their way in a color-coded world. The symbols can be used to mark everyday objects so that colorblind people can recognize or name the colors.

Scale of symptoms in achromatopsia

Symptoms and disability

In addition to complete color blindness, extreme sensitivity to light and visual impairment (visual acuity <= 0.1) are the handicaps of people with achromatopsia. Because of the strong sensitivity to glare, this congenital visual disorder is also called day blindness.

Still from the movie

Our movie

The film “ACHROMATOPSIE – LIFE WITHOUT COLORS” informs about the very rare visual impairment. Affected people report on problems and possibilities in everyday life. A doctor talks about diagnosis and support.


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